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Welcome, to Tokyo Trash Baby

The concept behind the build of Tokyo Trash Baby was for a cheap, simple and performance orientated trailerable sportsboat.

She is a basic hullform with a single chine hull, which is known as a "sharpie" hull. Her flat sections means she will have good downwind performance with an assymetric spinnaker, and upwind performance should be respectable once she heels and her chine digs in.

First Video Footage



Loa: 5.5m
Beam: 2.45.
Displ:approx 350kgs
Designer: C. Beckwith

She is light enough to be towed by a four cylinder car yet has enough room for weekends away. draft is minimal to ensure the abilty to hug up along shorelines in advantageous positions and heavy airs.  

The building procedure is simple stitch and glue method utilising plywood. foam core composite could be an option but plywood is more friendly to the beginner home builder.